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The Estify Story

Like so many other revolutionary companies, Estify was formed by entrepreneurs driven to challenge the status quo by putting inefficiencies under the spotlight of innovation. Through spending countless hours sitting side-by-side with shops and direct coaching from industry thought leaders Estify found its entry into tackling what was at the top of their "needs" list for waste in the collision industry: Rekeying. The dreaded act of wasting the better part of an hour copying estimates from paper into an estimating system or even worse translating the information across one estimating platform to another. This idea launched not only a company but a way of thinking that has attracted some of the industry’s own leading "challengers" along with a large majority of those from outside our space to come here to see what we can solve that others have deemed "impossible".

At the core of Estify is the desire to remain agnostic and focused on the mission of faster, safer and more efficient vehicle repair. We do this by staying focused on not making ripples but waves towards meeting the needs of an industry rocked by the autonomous automotive revolution. Digitization and new workflows have revolutionized other industries, and automotive collision will be no exception.

The Estify Team

Thielen CEO



Lindner CRO

Austin EVP of OEM Strategy

Estify In the News

A Dream Turned Reality
A Dream Turned Reality

A few years ago, CollisionAdvice owner Mike Anderson wrote a wish list for the industry, as he does every year. Little did he know that Estify was about to make his dream a reality. Read More...

A Time Saver for Your Shop
A Time Saver for Your Shop

Imagine how much your business would improve if you could have an extra employee and not have to pay them. In a way, that’s exactly what Estify Transfer will do for your shop. Read More...

Solving the Impossible
Solving the Impossible

Estify is premised on the idea that shops should never have to spend valuable time duplicating information manually when a simpler digital solution exists. Read More...

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