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Estify Transfer and Pro are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow. Check out each product and determine the right solution for you!



Why are you still rekeying? Upload any estimate, choose your platform, import and go! Estify Transfer has helped thousands of collision repair shops. Start your free trial today to see how we can help decrease your cycle time and add more money to your bottom line!



Select any vehicle, choose damaged panels, and add lines based on Estify Pro’s OEM predictive repair planning. View your repair plan with easy access to manufacturer repair documentation and import the file directly into your estimating platform.

Collision Repair Shops

Estimators and even CSRs now can write a lightning fast and accurate OEM repair plan that transfers directly into the industry’s most popular estimating systems with Estify Pro. All OEM repair documentation directly from the OEM is included and the subjective guess work of repair is finally a pain point of the past. Furthermore, with Estify Transfer these same key employees no longer waste valuable time doing the tedious data entry of rekeying their estimates. Focused on higher ROI activities, shops both improve the bottom line of their businesses and key KPI’s like cycle time, supplement rates and CSI.

Insurance carriers

Allowing repair plans to be written accurately and consistently the first time along with attached OEM documentation for every repair significantly reduces the time and subjectivity of each repair. By integrating with the industry’s most popular estimating systems, shops have enhanced workflow and the ability to allow employees to diagnose repair plans without the need for further review. Additionally, Estify Transfer allows the movement of data into a Carrier’s choice estimating platform of choice for further review and data collection without the need for manual data entry.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEMs ensure that in a fraction of the time, repair plans are automatically and consistently built around manufacturer repair procedures and requirements. With Estify Pro, all non-reusable and OEM required parts are identified easily and all OEM repair documentation is attached to the repair plan. Shops have no disruption to their current workflow through integrations with the most popular estimating systems in the market making adoption easy and natural.