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Our Story

The idea behind Estify was born in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah while the future founders were attending business school and searching for the next big thing. They set out to find a problem that their unique skill sets could help solve. They started in the collision industry and stalked shop managers like ninjas until they found the right problem that only they could solve. Estify at its core was created to make life better for collision shop owners and employees by helping them improve their everyday business practices. Estify believes in supporting and empowering the people based economy.

Plans were created, presentations were made, and competitions were won... over $100,000 in winnings, in fact. The business competition success caught the eye of some amazing investors in California and the founders decided to pack up, grab their swimsuits, and make the move to the sandy beaches of the Golden State.

Collision industry gurus and other experts were soon added to the team and the rest was history.


Jordan Furniss

Originally from Idaho, Jordan has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and the idea of creating his own job and new value. He has started ventures in many different areas ranging from e-commerce, daily deals, SaaS, social entrepreneurship, skiing technology, and even construction. When he is not in the office he can usually be found snowboarding or wakeboarding.

Taylor Moss

Born in California and raised in Utah, Taylor has a strong background in entrepreneurship, web design, and user experience. He is great at finding innovative solutions to tough problems and making an elegant and simple user experience. He loves to create websites and find ways to deliver high value to customers. When he is not online he will be with his beautiful wife and son or riding his mountain bike.

Directors and Advisors

John Frankel

John is the managing partner of ff Venture Capital. His primary focus is helping early stage companies deploy lightweight disruptive business models to become the low cost player in their respective market. His past experience of re-engineering businesses at Goldman, Sachs & Co. combined with his connections in Capital Markets and his accounting background well position him to evaluate and advise new businesses, which he has been doing since 1999.

Larry Montanez

Larry began his career over 25 years ago as an auto customizer/fabricator, body technician, painter, structural repairer technician, estimator & repair facility manager. He has attained the prestigious I-CAR Platinum Individual status and has ASE Certification in almost every area possible in the industry. He is also the founder of P&L Consultants LLC. P&L Consultants is a consulting firm that does estimating and negotiating training along with hands on repair techniques.

Mike Anderson

Mike owned Wagonwork Collision Centers in Virginia for over 20 years. He travels about 300 days a year serving as a facilitator for Axalta's highly recognized Business Council 20 Groups as well as an in-demand facilitator of Axalta's courses. In 2010, Mike sold Wagonwork and then founded CollisionAdvice.com. He received the National Auto Body Council's exclusive PRIDE Award for service to mankind above and beyond his business.


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